Saturday, June 20, 2009

June is slipping by . . .

The kids and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to spend a week on Chicoteague Island in VA. Even if there is more work at home than I can ignore.

We are sitting in an ice cream shop (because they have free internet). I am furiously typing away before they loose interest in the ice cream and the seaguls outside. This is our third time here in Chicoteague, my Aunt lets us use her vacation home, she will be joining us Tuesday. We tried to sleep in but I also put the kids to bed on time last night so sleeping in was 6:45 am. Oh well. I don't have pictures because we are not done setting up the Study so I don't have to tools to get photo's off of the camera. Maybe in a few weeks.

We closed on the house on Tuesday and left for Vacation on Thursday. A little crazy wouldn't you say? I am not overdoing it here though so that is a plus. I am trying to come up with decorationg / organizing ideas, but I desperatly miss the internet. I sat and played a game on my I-pod for over 1.5 hours today. We tried to get books at the librbay, I figured a tourst town like this might have some way to do that but they didn't. I used the internet there for a few min and the girls read one book each and then we left.

Hopefully in the next month we can get the house undercontroll. We can't wait to have company too. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Still seeing how this is going. . .

Five hours of Disney channel today (without Tivo to fast forward). Do I love my family or what!!!???

I am praying that God would let us close tomorrow. (That is not just a figure of speech). I think we have done the Hotel thing long enough, don't you? They are giving us a discount tonight because they didn't clean our room today. I am really not sure it is worth it, but I like to save a buck when I can. . .

We checked out a church today, it was a good message (all about being patient and waiting on the Lord) and the music was wonderful, but we probably won't go back. There are a lot of churches to check out around here. We could probably find a new one every week for a year.

Missing my family (I love you Mom, I hope you really like your new place) and friends quite a bit (I love you Rose, and I promise I am not jealous that you sold your house in under a week and now you might not even visit me this summer because you need to pack and move! I hope the house buying goes as smoothly too.)

Except for the really stressful stuff going on - the weekend was pleasant. We went to this shopping plaza that has a fountain the kids can run around it. They even offer complimentary towels and sunscreen! It is pretty neat. They sell the tastiest snow cones right there too. We like the Blue Raspberry the best so far. Saturday we went to a nearby town that is known to be hippie friendly and it was lovely. We listened to a live band, bought strawberries at the farmers market, picked up another house plant, found a fun kids clothes resale, and Hans even found a mandolin available for coffee house guests to ticker with. Next time he is going to make sure that he has a pick with him. We also met some new families at a back yard potluck that was being held by a local MOPS group that I am hoping to be a part of next year. They meet during the day and have childcare!! Yeah!

Writing this blog is therapeutic. It makes me remember the fun stuff not just the stressful stuff.
When we get a house, get our stuff off of the moving truck, find the can opener and screw drivers, and set up the computer, then I will download updated photos to add to this. For now I hope I made great word pictures for you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's see how this goes

I had typed an entire whole nice long message. But then the internet connection went out and I lost the whole thing! But just for you people whom I love very much, I am starting over....

SO, as I was saying...
I am not promising anyone anything. I am not sure I should be taking on another thing. But since I love Rose's and Elizabeth's blogs so much. I thought I would give it a try.

It has been a bit of a roller coaster around here. We are supposed to close on our new home tomorrow and when the underwriters called to confirm Hans' employment, someone told them he was self employed (which he is not) so the underwriters went into a total panic mode and said it would be at least two years before they would give a home lone to someone who just started to work for himself. . . After much diligence on Hans' part and a little praying from me, we were told tonight at 6:45 that we might still close tomorrow.

We have been sleeping in a hotel since May 30th and even the kids are tired of the swimming pool and continental breakfast! We are trying to explore our new town a little at a time. We like the many choices of restaurants and the many opportunities for entertainment. We even toured the schools today. Although they are literally twice as big as we are used to, they seemed smaller and more approachable. Tim had some positive opinions about his new school, although he did note that it was even less diverse racially than his old school. We have a lot on our plates and we know we have a lot to be thankful for. With a lot of Gods grace, we usually feel at peace. But I also feel like a swimmer who keeps swimming toward the surface only to be pushed back down after just one breath. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

I don't have up to date photo's since the tools I need to do that are on the moving truck, but I think a blog is more fun with pictures so I included some March photo's.

I hope I have a lot of fun stuff to share with you in the near future. -Erin Joy