Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photo update

There is some wonderful significance to these first two photo's of Evangeline. The bassinet was my grand-mothers, and then my Mom and her siblings used it, and then I got to use it (and some of my cousins), and now we have it for Evangeline. It is so nice to have a useful piece of sentimental history. (Yes, The slats are safe & it does not have lead paint.) Isn't it beautiful!

Can you tell what these photo's are all about? Gabriella got her ears pierecd! After I had told her I was ready whenever she was, she bet a friend on the bus she would do it over the weekend just so she had more incentive to do it. "I was screaming inside my head!" she said.

How could I resist including this photo. I think that counts as smiling for the camera! Do you?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I had a post all set up (photo's and all) and I clicked the wrong thing and now it is GONE! I am trying to hold it together here, but it isn't exactly easy to listen to you baby yell for 20 minutes while you work and then have it all go "up in flames!"
I will be brief. Evangeline cries a lot in the afternoon, although she sleeps pretty well and naps a lot in the morning. I suspect she will be my first morning napper which might work well with sisters getting home SO early at 2pm.
I have posted here two photo's of sweet peaceful Evangeline and two photo's to show how we went to a nice performance of Daddy's Dayton Mandolin Orchestra. I was such a nice concert and all went well except when I tried to discreetly nurse my hungry girl and some horrified male guests spotted me. I was embarrassed, but I don't think Evangeline was!