Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We found the charger for the camera so I could show you wonderful blog followers some more photo's! Thank you Mom for sending me your extra charger, I knew it would do the trick of getting our lost one out of hiding.

The photo of the family room / kitchen is meant to show you the new couch I got off of craigs list. Yes I know it is white! I guess I figure if the kids ruin it, it will be my payback of when I ruined my Moms white couch with a package of red jello when I was little. The photo of the hooks and baskets show my family organization center that Hans helped me build.

The Picture of Evangeline is, well, a picture of Evangeline. Isn't God good at what he makes? She is whining at me for attention under the desk here, so I must go for now. Love you all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Look at this photo that Hans got of Evangeline! I appreciate how he is home more with his new job and he can catch stuff like this that I would have missed. I love that man!

We figured it out!

We have figured it out! Not to the meaning of life or anything, just what it is that makes Evangeline cry (and then sometimes me too). She was tired. Now that she is old enough to go longer without sleep, and after you check all of the other things like diaper, hunger or itchy clothes; we have a happy, pleasant, smiling, and rolling baby. She and I get up once at night still, but some day soon I will be able to get it together enough to teach her the bottle so Hans can get up with her too. Hans is so wonderful with her. I get a little teary sometimes because I am so grateful for my family.

I just laid dear Evangeline down and let her cry herself to sleep for a nap. I am sitting at the kitchen table watching the cardinals swoop in for the food Hans provided them (in a lovely white / black / white pattern). I keep trying to get a photo for you too, but the birds get scared if I lift my arm. I have 15 minutes before the girls get home off of the bus and homework and dinner take over our life. It is snowing here and the kids and I are hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

I am so grateful for our warm large sunny home in not-as-cold-as-Iowa-or-Wisconsin Ohio.

(Well the girls are home and the baby is still crying and I didn't get my post done quite as fast as I'd like. But maybe when Hans get home I can get some peace.)